Women’s self-defense courses: Dnipro city women learn how to defend themselves


Every year, an average of 19,000 women report violence to the Dnipro patrol police. In order to help Dnipro city women to defend themselves against potential attacks, at the beginning of 2017, the experts of the Dnipro Gender Club together with patrol police officers and professors of local universities organized the women’s self-defense courses.

A total of 321 women aged 16-64 years sent their applications. 280 of them experienced domestic violence. Two groups of 20 people were formed of all the candidates. "Women suffer in 9 out of 10 cases of domestic violence. Self-defense courses are an example of combination of public and private influences. They are an individual strategy that has an impact on the public environment through the media.

 “The main purpose of such courses is to increase the women's resourcefulness through acquiring of new knowledge, skills of counteraction and a sense of support from other people, which gives women the opportunity to emerge from the situations of domestic violence and not to fall in that trap anymore,” says Dnipro Gender Club leader Anna Miahkykh.

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