“Police-Community Interaction to Reduce Level of Domestic Violence” is ...

The innovative project on the police-community cooperation on the basis of partnership "Agriteam" (CPIF) operating in Poltava.

The problem of domestic violence is extremely relevant both for Ukraine as a whole and for the city of Poltava in particular. According to the sociological survey, which was conducted by GfK Ukraine to the order of the United Nations Development Program, 44% of Ukrainians have suffered from domestic violence throughout their lives, including 30% suffered child abuse. At the same time, about 75% of victims of various types of violence have not asked for help, and the rest mostly resorted to other relatives. In most cases, the victims did not seek help among a number of personal reasons because of a low level of awareness of the protection of their rights. They simply did not know where they could seek help. In addition, there is a low public trust in the police in Ukraine (only 10% of victims of physical violence appealed for help to the police).

Thus, according to the data of the Poltava Patrol Police Department, 1,365 visits were made by their employees on the facts of domestic violence in January-May 2017.

The project "Police-Community Interaction to Reduce Level of Domestic Violence" aims to strengthen the interaction between the police and the community with a view to reduce the level of domestic violence in the city of Poltava.

Within the framework of the project, the Memorandum on cooperation and interaction was signed between the Department of Education, the Poltava Patrol Police Department, the Preventive Activities Department of the Main Department of the National Police of Ukraine in Poltava Region, the NGOs working to prevent domestic violence and provide assistance to the victims. The cooperation is aimed at exchanging information between the district police officers, school psychologists and NGOs in the areas of identifying, preventing and redirecting victims of domestic violence.

In order to achieve this goal, the training sessions "Effective prevention and response to cases of domestic violence in the activities of police officers" were held for 180 patrol police officers and 30 district police officers of the city of Poltava. The professionals with relevant experience and knowledge were involved in the training sessions.


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